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Innovative market approaches to development

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Finance and Investment

A sound financial sector fosters sustainable economic growth, providing efficient mechanisms for allocating local capital, resources, and risk. At Banyan Global, we design and manage financial sector development programs that reflect global banking innovations and services and cover a broad range of clients. When working on projects, we consider and promote interdependent factors, such as favorable macroeconomic policies, strong regulatory frameworks, accessible capital markets, healthy financial institutions, and wider access to capital. Our approach builds financial systems that integrate retail and micro, small, and medium enterprise clients—which can all lead to catalyzing broad-based economic development.

In terms of households, nearly 1 billion people have limited access to financial services, leaving them vulnerable to family emergencies and natural or man-made disasters. Building on our extensive experience, Banyan Global advises financial institutions on strategies to scale up their services to reach a greater number of clients. We have worked with financial institutions in developing and transitional economies in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.

Banyan Global’s team of experts for finance and investment projects possess a wealth of experience, having worked within large financial institutions on Wall Street, investment funds, and nonbank financial institutions. Our team combines both development and Wall Street know-how to get effective results.

Finance and Investment Projects