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Banyan Global supports both men and women having equal opportunities to benefit from economic, social, cultural, and political development. Our approach to gender focuses on the core issues of women’s empowerment and gender mainstreaming, taking into account both local adaptation and cultural viability. We collaborate with local teams and stakeholders to identify and create awareness of gender perceptions and practices.

Banyan Global believes that a gender focus must be integrated into all phases of the development process, from project design, to implementation, to monitoring, and evaluation. We adopt a twin-track approach to gender mainstreaming: (1) integrating the concerns, needs and interests of women and men in all project activities, and 2) designing and implementing, specific activities explicitly aimed to empower women.
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Our approach involves both traditional and nontraditional ways for women to participate in and benefit from project activities. At the institutional level, we embed gender-equitable management and operational structures and policies within projects themselves. At the technical level, we have developed a range of gender integration training manuals and practical tools for projects.

Overall, our gender expertise includes the following:

  • Program design and implementation: Banyan Global has played lead roles on regional trade, economic growth, enterprise development, health, and finance projects to integrate gender activities.  This work has included gender training for staff and clients, the development of gender policy statements, the creation of gender-oriented monitoring and evaluation tools, and design and implementation of gender mainstreaming activities.
  • Training: Banyan Global has planned, designed, and facilitated gender integration and gender sensitivity trainings and workshops for USAID staff, USAID-funded projects and local organizations. All trainings feature a range of adult-learning tools, such as interactive case studies, a daily activity mapping exercise for women and men, and a gender roles and activities quiz.
  • Research: Banyan Global has worked on research and analysis activities related to gender integration, including assessments of constraints to market information, financial services, and technology.  We have also conducted ground-breaking research regarding women’s economic empowerment in conflict settings.
  • Gender analyses, assessments, and audits: Banyan Global examines gender-based cultural norms that hinder female participation in development initiatives and provide guided analysis and recommendations on how to effectively address these norms to improve women’s participation. We dually assess: 1) how existing gender/social issues and dynamics affect project implementation and outcomes and 2) how projects influence community gender/social dynamics.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: Banyan Global has conducted numerous evaluations of programs and institutions and their sustainable impact on women’s empowerment.  We have managed project-level monitoring and evaluation activities in conflict settings, including the development and use of gender indicators.

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